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Parallel Strokes – A book about graffiti and typography

“Parallel Strokes – A book about graffiti and typography” Just arrived in my mailbox.

It’s one of the best books I read this year (together with Art Inconsequence), mixing some of my favourites writers with a bunch of cool type designers, such as Underware and Ed Fella (you may know its work for House Industries type foundry).

The Chaz Bojorquez interview, alone, is worth the 20$ I paid for the book (waiting for Chaz monography… should be out soon). The volume is a collection of well selected interviews, with lots of meaningful discussions, about either graffiti or typography. The juxtaposition of the two (strictly related) topics makes this book a great work: it is a research project, in a world of coffee table books.

Unluckily, the book is printed in one color only (magenta on white pages, as you can see from the flicks above): even if it’s ok for most typographical works, it really sucks when it comes to multicolored graffiti pieces. Not that I care about multicolored graffiti pieces, anyway.

What else to say, tha author Ian Lynam writes on [ping mag](http://www.pingmag.jp/index.php?s=lynam), shipping is free world wide, that’s a free poster inside and with the weak dollar… that’s a deal. You can buy it here [Parallel Strokes](http://parallelstrokes.com/) or download an excerpt [here](http://parallelstrokes.com/excerpt.pdf).

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