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As time passes by, we see many faces on the walls that look the same, as people tend to uniform their style to a well known paradigm.
Surely, GORB isn’t one of those. His work is incredibly new, and he’s up with sticker, posters and the everlasting spraycans.
We asked him some questions: he answered, I think, in a really interesting way.


1. How is painting in the street in London? Is it still possible? Do you think that security and cameras affect style in some way?

In London it depends where you want to paint, central London and Westminster Council are militant, u could probly get away with a few tags but there buffed within hours, so its just not worth the hassle. Where I’m from in South London you can paint anywhere but if you get caught by the locals that can be a lot worse that the po po! Yah get me blood! That’s why when we paint there its mainly track sides.

But yeah the cameras have pretty much killed painting, but then u can still get up with stickers and small posters. You have to just adapt to the circumstances and develop your style to another medium.


2. You do some cool letters, how have you started doing characters, and stickers and posters and the other “new stuff”?

Well like I’ve just said you adapt or die, but really I just got a bit bored of letters, going to art school and starting to see books like stencil graffiti, just open my eyes and I realized you don’t have to do letters, once I realized that I felt free to try other mediums. Now I try not to
look at graffiti as a certain rule and just stick to what I want to do, and that’s always to do something interesting.

gorb yeah

3. Don’t have a website (right?) and you don’t appear often on the Internet. What you think of people searching “internet fame” instead of street fame?

Ah I don’t know, the Internet is just like a Graff mag, it’s an opportunity to show you work to a wider audience and hopefully get some feedback. I have a fotolog, that I enjoy showing my work but then it also shit to shit there and wait for it to load, I’d always much prefer to be out painting!
There’s nothing wrong with seeking fame, it’s a big part of graffiti for people but it’s never really appealed to me. Maybe I should get off my lazy ass and email some flicks!

gorb face

4. Your style is unique. What do you think of artists that use other artists’ style? This is much more frequent amongst street artists than it is in the writing scene, isn’t it?

I can see why it happens, people see some dope work by a established artist
and they want to be like that, its kind of a form of flattery. I try not to look at too much graffiti because I can find it affects me subconsciously and the next thing I’m like oh shit! I don’t think it’s particularly a street art thing but with characters it’s harder to be totally original.

gorb bruce lee

5. What are your main inspirations?

At the moment its films! I’ve dropped a Bruce Lee remix wall recently and next week I’m going to paint homage to Wayne’s world! But my friends and crew are always a huge inspiration, they make me want to be as good as them one day but at the same time there cool enough to take the time out to help you develop and paint with you.

6. Name 3 artists that will be still there in 5 years.

Dface! He’s a real pro, I can’t ever imagine him on the train in a suit, ah man.. now he has the gallery in London, he pretty much lives there! Street Art 24/7! I really respect his selflessness and commitment to street art and graffiti, a lot of kats are all mouf and no trousers but not D*.

Aroe Nt, he’s been in the game for so long now, and even after 20 years he doesn’t seem to be slowing down, his new characters have given him even more styles to rock! I saw the trains he hit in Slovenia, they were just next level! I can’t wait to see the next Nt video; I’ve heard it’s going to make the last one look tame!

The last one is Super Flie from my crew(MNU), he’s got so much style and he’s not afraid to flex some leftfield stuff that is so far from graffiti you wouldn’t believe. He really wants to do fresh original work and now he’s gone to Japan for a year I cant imagine how sick he’s going to be when
he gets back! Also he’s such an ‘artist’ I cant ever see him doing anything else!

Big up FB Milan!

GorbStarr MNU

  1. Anonymous says: 19/7/20054:43 pm

    very cool
    reminds me of D-face

  2. Anonymous says: 19/7/20054:43 pm

    very cool
    reminds me of D-face

  3. milla&monnez says: 21/7/20052:21 pm

    ciao!qualcuno di voi sa dirmi perchè il drawingblog di helga è sempre “forbidden” da qualche giorno a questa parte? =( sic

  4. helghi says: 21/7/20056:58 pm

    ciao millaem, accidenti il server di drawingblog è giù e stiamo cercando di risolvere il problema…grrrrrrrrrrrrr, incazzata nera!

  5. milla&monnez says: 21/7/20057:30 pm

    oh grazie! almeno so qualcosa! beh spero che il problema non sia troppo “problema” e che si risolva senza troppe incazzature… ciao helghi, a presto


  6. Deaz says: 22/7/20053:57 pm

    helga daiiiii che mi manca il blog!!!! grande l’intervista Vecio…:D

  7. Anonymous says: 24/7/20055:02 pm

    really like a lot

  8. niall n goneill says: 24/7/200511:13 pm

    yo this boi looks dope, very clean n fresh, keep da sweet stuff up bruv, outlast/ nuff love n xXx

  9. TUSK says: 26/7/20051:42 am

    yeah props man wicked characters, especially love the bruce lee one

  10. Schanzboy says: 26/7/200510:23 am

    Yo GORB brother, nice flix and very good statements. Hope to catch up with you soon when I am back from germany. Hopefully by then also cromatics.co.uk is up and running. And then we still have to do the UK-Germany Edition this year. Shit so much to do. Just have to sort out funding for the mag. If you know somone please let me know – a’right? Keep it real bro’ – se you @ the Beach painting Fatboyslims house =) Cheers, Andreas.

  11. ElderCous says: 26/7/200512:52 pm

    you’re on your way cous…

  12. ill stylez1 says: 26/7/20056:16 pm

    too much talent! good to see you dont just do posters! Can skills!

  13. tre cool says: 27/7/20056:53 pm

    tre cool!

  14. chimp says: 28/7/20052:53 pm

    BORBSTAR!!! glad to see you getting some coverage yo! you’re shit is indeed unique, which is like a breath of fresh air in this world of biting, copying, hero-worship, or whatever you want to call it. BIG uP MATE, and see ya soon (FF arrives today… get ready!!!!)

  15. Anonymous says: 2/8/20052:16 pm

    DFace a pro? More like a money maker.

  16. Anonymous says: 3/8/20057:31 pm

    gorb has time for the haterz!

  17. Anonymous says: 5/8/20059:19 am

    DFace is not a money maker, he genuinely keeps it real,
    for all of us
    he is London’s best graffiti writer

  18. Dex says: 30/8/20052:02 pm

    i saw ure stuff on HUB as well yeah i like it!

  19. Paul says: 2/6/200610:39 am

    The streets of brighton are emptier without gorbs appearances… where are you dude?

  20. Arok MBS South Africa says: 16/8/20061:42 pm

    Sick style
    goood use of colour mmmmwrraaaay!

  21. brink says: 25/4/20076:19 pm

    yeah its sick, the big piece of wood you left up near boots was CRAZY. please get up some more, i wanna see more paste ups and sticks.

  22. brink says: 25/4/20076:20 pm

    oh yeah and whoever said d face was a writer, hes a street artist. but yeah he’s SICK.

  23. spork says: 8/5/20077:02 pm

    rate the work

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