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mindoner handmade jewellery




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Fashion designers with no fantasy, they steal ideas from the streets…
while Tats crew is hiring a squad of lawyers to protect their (copy)rights (see story [here](http://www.wildstylers.com/wstr/index.php?module=article&view=511) ), Santy and his friends have to cope with Zara, a big fashion group known for stealing freaklub artworks in the past (see this other story on [Wooster](http://www.woostercollective.com/2004/06/that_fucking_sucks_freaklub_ri.html) ).

Here’s what Santy found at the mall:

and this is a wall in Milano, do you find any similarity?

for Zara: hire Santy next time, he’s surely better than your army of lazy wack-ass designers!

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Potete trovare Street Virus e il catalogo della mostra MInameis su Graffbay, separatamente ( 1 e 2 ) o come pacco unico: fateci un giro, oltre ai nostri due libri hanno tanti altri oggetti interessanti.

Our books are for sale on [graffbay](http://www.graffbay.com) but, for international orders, you can contact us too at the usual addres info at fatbombers dot com.

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pussy diver

this tees by this guy are nice.

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Nike Stash and Futura Dunk

trenitali futura2000 sneakers

The Cool Hunting Weblog discovered this new model of sneakers, designed by Stash and Futura2000.
They claim this FS logo resembles Futura/Stash names: to us, it’s SO similar to the Trenitalia logo that either it constitutes an heavy trademark infringement or (is this the case?) some kind of strange and urevealed collaboration (third, it has good chances to be a fake).
Since Nike is opening a new special store in Italy, the sweatshop corporation is probably aiming at a special group of customers: the train company lovers, whoever they are.
(crazy, isn’t it? the national transportation company finances an oldschool vandal shoemaker!)


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fake stussy

With a stunning lack of humor, Stussy sued FRESHJIVE for this logo.
Apart from the right of parody (this is surely not a fake stussy tshirt, and nobody looking for an original one will be mislead in buying this) it’s so stupid what stussy is doing.

They could have done a fake freshive logo, for example.
Oldschool is getting old…

(I found it in this nice graffitifashion site)

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