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Love – 104 x 106cm – Plexiglass – 2011

If you like letters, you will love this “Love” by Joys. Follow him on Facebook.

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Luca Barcellona – Take your pleasures seriously

The upcoming book about Luca Barcellona that you can find on the website of the independent Italian publisher Lazy Dog. Keep an eye on it!

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some inspiration (almost) outside the graffiti world. I asked a top-5 for 2009 to my good friend Giacomo SomethingOnMyMind, graphic designer and university teacher. Here’s what came out! Thank you Giacomo!

1. Graphic Design: Abake

2. Art: Zoro Feigl

3. Sculpture: Nick van Woert

4. Publishing houses: Roma Publications

5. Music: Blogotheque video channel

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Job Wouters & Roel Wouters

Dutch typographer Job Wouters is better known as ‘Letman’, but regardless of what you decide to call him, his work is always of the highest order. Expressive and dramatic, he treats letters with the care and respect they deserve and this appreciation has led him to create compelling, hand-drawn work for clients all over the world.

His brother is an equally as exciting practitioner and the siblings have combined to create a new spray-painting machine called the Rainbow gun, which will be utlised in the gallery itself.


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two hands, one video

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