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“Making An Appearance” solo artshow by Martha Cooper produced for Bloop Festival 2012.
19th \ 29th APRIL 2013 / Via Dante 14, Milano / Italy

MAKING AN APPEARANCE in fashion capital Milan
Solo exposition by Martha Cooper 19th – 29th April

Martha Cooper the American photojournalist, famous for her documentation of the graffiti scene in the 70’s and the 80’s, will be holding a solo exposition organized by Biokip in Via Dante 14, Milan. Making an appearance is a selection of 170 photos from Martha’s career as a photojournalist during recent years for the BLOOP Festival in Ibiza where the event’s theme was, naturally, appearance.

Making an appearance is an exposition where you can reminisce the roots of graffiti and street art we know today; the heart, soul and attitude. The faces of kids never change, always sunny with curiosity and ambition, leaving a mark of themselves on the streets where everybody is the audience.

Come by to Via Dante 14 from the 19th – 29th April to look back in history, a cultural movement that changed the streets into an open air canvas.

Martha Cooper herself will be expecting you on the 24th and 25th.

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konFRONTIERt frontier symposium

An incredible symposium about graffiti, in bologna. program here.

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An incredible work made by Jester with 3297 empty cans.

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Launch event @Frisco Shop – Brescia (IT)

Saturday 2th June 17:00

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Galleria D406, via Cardinal Morone 31 Modena

Capitolo quinto
DEM magia naturalis

Doppio appuntamento

SABATO 19 maggio per la notte dei Musei
Spazio off presentazione a partire dalle 22 del murale realizzato per
l’occasione da DEM in via del Voltone/piazza Pomposa a 50 metri dalla
(per l’occasione la galleria rimarr aperta dalle 16 alle 01)

DOMENICA 20 maggio a partire dalle 17 presso galleria D406, via
Cardinal Morone 31
inaugurazione mostra DEM magia naturalis (disegni, pitture e
installazioni) in presenza dell’artista! Fino al 12 giugno!

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A Basik solo exhibition at The Flying Egg in London.

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