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ape silver

Fatbombers interviews Dave The Chimp, proud member of the Finders Keepers Crew, with PMH, D*Face and Misterious Al.
Original like no other, he mixes brushes, markers, stickers and cans to create stunning charachters: he maneges to melt a real clean and illustrator-like mark with an healty vandal attitude, as you can read in the following interview.


1. street art can be really easy to create, even for the beginners.
This means low average quality? Art democracy? Both?

Music is easy to create. Websites are easy to create. T-shirts are easy to
create. Most things are easy to create, meaning anyone can do it. It also
means that the real talents shine out when compared to a world of poor
skills and weak ideas. I prefer people who have an idea and just get off
their arses and do it, to people who just talk but never do… but my
favourites are those people who do it with style, talent and determination.



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