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Many sages are spreading their wisdom about this new ninja discilpline, the street marketing. Too often though, his path crosses the one of the extreme sport called art+vandalism. As they share the same arena, we expect an enduring fight.


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Unstoppable like every pop movement, the urban art gathers new adepts every day through the teenagers of European and American metropolis. Young people, baptized since their childhood in the advertising soup, make theirs the commercials’ rules and start massive self-branding campaigns, pasting their logos in, on, over every free surface: sticky balconies on concrete ones, fishes, chupetes and t-shirts painted there, where they would never be.

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Dem in Rennes (france)

I always liked DEM’s pieces, even when he used to do traditional graffiti his style was nice and simple, and he always knew how to mix up the colors.
It’s only with the fotolog scene that DEM666’s work became known by a wider audience. He stopped with the letters (I’m a little bit sad about it) and started working with this new kind of stuff, with some reference to Blu and NeckFace‘s work, indeed very original.
Being DEM a clever person, we are happy to ask him some difficult questions, about the usual themes of style, distruction and rodent’s survival.
It’s yours.
Maccaroni version at the bottom
(Thanks Dem for the superb interview!)

Dem +Run in firenze

Dem + Run in Firenze

Dirtening, damaging, violating private property. What role does vandalism play in your stuff? It’s more or less than some years ago?

Sincerely, vandalism is not that important for me any more, it doesn’t represent a priority for me… I paint mostly in abandoned places, I don’t paint trains since some years nor I tag, only sometimes I paint along the train line and I’d like to start painting freights. Anyhow, I like the “nobody’s places” (the abandoned ones) more than any other space, for the fact that you can explore them, for the deep silence and for the historical value that many of them have.
Emotions that I feel in such places are not comparable to anything, when I’m in there it’s like I’m in a different world, where everything stands still, noises are different and even time flow changes, it’s slower, and it lets me quit from the society so I can look at things in a whole different manner. Thus I can “see” things tat normally I wouldn’t even consider and everything I need to create my stuff.

Dem + Mamatuska
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As time passes by, we see many faces on the walls that look the same, as people tend to uniform their style to a well known paradigm.
Surely, GORB isn’t one of those. His work is incredibly new, and he’s up with sticker, posters and the everlasting spraycans.
We asked him some questions: he answered, I think, in a really interesting way.


1. How is painting in the street in London? Is it still possible? Do you think that security and cameras affect style in some way?

In London it depends where you want to paint, central London and Westminster Council are militant, u could probly get away with a few tags but there buffed within hours, so its just not worth the hassle. Where I’m from in South London you can paint anywhere but if you get caught by the locals that can be a lot worse that the po po! Yah get me blood! That’s why when we paint there its mainly track sides.

But yeah the cameras have pretty much killed painting, but then u can still get up with stickers and small posters. You have to just adapt to the circumstances and develop your style to another medium.


2. You do some cool letters, how have you started doing characters, and stickers and posters and the other “new stuff”?

Well like I’ve just said you adapt or die, but really I just got a bit bored of letters, going to art school and starting to see books like stencil graffiti, just open my eyes and I realized you don’t have to do letters, once I realized that I felt free to try other mediums. Now I try not to
look at graffiti as a certain rule and just stick to what I want to do, and that’s always to do something interesting.

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dance farina


Her majesty Gioia “Miss Spellings”, our beloved demenphotographer, gifted us with this nice collection of Indian street signs. Lovely.


Other funny MissSpellinnnggss

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7teen elefante

7teen piccione2

1. i see a lot of animals in your works. why? I really think that
bombers are much like animals. what you think about it?

Ya i always seem to do portriats of animals. I tend to focus on birds, but all of the creatures i create are personified to be different people in different social situations. Most are personified to be homeless or blue collered workers that have been physically worn out due to lack of proper nutrition, our polluted enviroment, and/or just being slaves to the wealthy. As far as bombers being like animals, i would tend to agree. After all a lot are nocturnal, they tend to explore and don t get treated well by “normal” humans or atleast here in the states, it seemed a lil more relaxed in europe.

7teen buttarfly

7tee piccione

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blu feedback

Per chiunque abbia passeggiato per le strade di Bologna, Blu non ha bisogno di presentazioni. É quasi ovunque, ed i suoi pezzi si fanno notare – non solo dai writer.

Giudicate voi, dalle sue parole ma soprattutto dalle foto.

For the ones that walked the streets of Bologna, Blu needs no presentation. (For the ones that don’t:check his funky website here!)He’s almost everywhere, and his pieces pop up like no other – even the non-writes notice them.
The judge it’s up to you, from his words but even more from his works.


Sei bravissimo a disegnare, potresti fare l’artista da salotto, perchè fai così tanto bombing?
L’artista da salotto è un mestiere come un altro ma ci sono lavori che mi attraggono di più per adesso faccio tanto bombing perchè mi piace , perchè voglio comunicare con la gente, per strada e mi piace vedere le reazioni di chi osserva i miei disegni.


You’re really good at drawing, you could have been a traditional artist, why do you bomb that much?
Lounge artist is a job like an other, but other works looks like more attractive to me. By now I bomb a lot because I like it, because I want to communicate to the people, in the street and I want to see the reaction of the ones who observe my works.

blu cane

Segue: le altre domande e molte altre foto
On the following page: the full interiew and many more photos!

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pus with others

Di street artist con la passione per l’entomologia, ce ne sono a bizeffe. Stanchi di scarafaggi, formiche e coccinelle pensavamo che con gli insetti, null’altro si potesse fare.

Pus dimostra il contrario.
E’ apparso raramente su fanzine e libri patinati (ricordiamo una sua foto, quasi per sbaglio, su Street Logos di T. Manco) e se volete vedere i suoi lavori, dovete scendere in strada.

pus help!

Sensibile al contesto, le sue blatte non sono mai attaccate a caso: piuttosto, il lavoro preparatorio e la scelta della location contribuiscono fortemente alla “resa” del pezzo.

pus scalinata

Oltre alla scalinata ed al defacement del poster della GAS (rispettivamente, quassopra e quissotto) Pus ha attaccato centinaia di scarafaggi, quasi tutti diversi, in tutta Milano, spesso accompagnati da esilaranti fumetti (dalla Divina Commedia a mezzogiorno di fuoco).

Assolutamente infestante, e con il cervello. Big up!

pus tette!

Altre foto e testo inglese
More photos and english text

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